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Supporting Charity to be Announced

Serves students with economic difficulties. They accept referrals from schools, family members, caseworkers or self-referrals. All information is confidential. Each student will be allowed to receive a single dress/suit and related accessories. The items remain theirs to keep.


Biggest Two-Day Prom Event in Canada

We want to bring a unique experience for the 5000+ expected attendees as well as introduce a new show concept that strengthens the show promoter/vendor relationship. We have a strategic plan to get in front of schools, principals, prom committees, and students and have come together with people who share the same audience.

What Is Unique About This Show?

Our goal is to deliver a different look and feel for the show by nurturing the vendor/show relationship and to bring to people a more educational and interactive experience.  We also have done our best to bring the type of vendor that is related to Prom and have carefully picked vendors that will attract the “youth” audience. The timing of the show also may give more opportunity for our vendors to create awareness and have sustainable business in the future with other special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, formal events, and the upcoming holidays!
This event will put the “MAGIC” into Prom and put Prom on the map in Canada!