Once Upon A Prom Toronto Prom Show

What Is Unique About This Show?

The Once Upon a Prom Show in Toronto is a full-scale boutique style show in a non-conventional big hall pipe and drape setting, drawing exhibitors and consumers from across Ontario.

Biggest One-Day Prom Event in Canada

The Once Upon a Prom Show inspires to become the most unique show of its kind in Canada. It promises to be the ultimate experience of everything prom and beyond. The Prom industry is second only to the wedding industry and until now it has been left untouched, it is time to change that. It’s time to celebrate with a one of a kind show that will bring a unique and elegant boutique style to the prestigious Heritage Court. From fashion, beauty, skin  care, limos, flowers, jewelry, giveaways, demos, and so much more. This event will put the “MAGIC” into Prom.